NeuWrite Columbia Public Events

Does the brain's wiring make us who we are?

Two leading neuroscientists debate maps, minds, and the future of their field

This debate was recorded at Havemeyer Hall, Columbia University on April 2, 2012. Sebastian Seung is a neuroscientist at Princeton University. Anthony Movshon is a neuroscientist at New York University. Moderated by Robert Krulwich, co-host of Radiolab, and Carl Zimmer, an award-winning science journalist.


Braintrust: a public conversation about morality and the brain

Three philosophers discuss the neuroscience of morality

This conversation was recorded at Havemeyer Hall, Columbia University March 30, 2011 with generous support from The Dana Foundation, Society for Neuroscience, and Columbia University. Patricia Smith Churchland is a Professor Emerita of Philosophy at the University of California, San Diego. Roger Bingham is the Cofounder and Director of The Science Network and a member of the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory at the Salk Institute and the Institute for Neural Computation, UC San Diego. Jesse Prinz is a Professor of Philosophy at CUNY.